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Heard about town

The Bloomer Moose Weekly Progressive Bingo for Thursday, June 21 is $730, plus half the sales for that game. Bingo is open to the public.…

Demoiselle Debs 'Byrd, Burgers & Bingo'

“Byrd, Burgers & Bingo” for Demoiselle Debs Allyson Horton and Catherine Humphrey was June 13 at East Ridge Country Club. Source: Bingo News

Buzzword Bingo: Quantum, AI, Blockchain, Crypto

Quantum computing, blockchain, crypto, internet of things: There's a lot of hype around these technology areas, says Jon Geater of Thales e-Security. Source: Bingo News

PHOTOS: Raymondville Picnic

Bingo. Food. And so much more. Images from Saturday night at the annual Raymondville Picnic. (Photos by Jeff McNiell, Houston Herald) // Order a … Source:…