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Bingo Las Vegas

Adrian Optimist Bingo

Covid-19 health concerns are foremost on our minds. Currently we are not planning to have Bingo during June unless restrictions are lifted, however … Source: Bingo…

What to Eat on Memorial Day 2020 in DFW

It's also led to a blend of options for celebrating Memorial Day from at-home dining options to lunch out with a side of Bingo. Legacy…

A Royal game of bingo

"I've never known Welsh people not to know how to have fun." Here's what happened when William and Kate were drafted in as video bingo…

It's a beautiful day for summer reading

Get a bingo by completing five activities in a row. 3. Get a blackout on the same bingo card by completing all the activities. With…

Sandra Sue Dooley

They also enjoyed operating the Bingo Hall for the Bergan Booster Club. Sandra thoroughly enjoyed spending time and socializing with friends and … Source: Bingo News

VFW to open on Sunday

BINGO! takes place Sundays and 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays. The post is open around those hours. Social distancing protocols and sanitizing will be … Source: Bingo News